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we create our toys form natural material to be sure that our products are safe as possible for health and live of kids


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about us

we are company producing of wide range of xylophones, bells and drums. The products are manufactured in Poland from polish components only. This production profile in our company has been used since 1995. Kaja is a small, well organized, reliable, family enterprise.

What we offer


Produced by us xylophones are certified to conform to high standards of safety of toys, as required by the European Union. They are safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Painted using approved powder coating to meet the standards of acceptable content of heavy metals for toys.


Since 2000, we are an independent exhibitor at the International Toy Fair, which is held every year in Nuremberg (Germany).


Our company mainly engaged in the production xylophones on a wooden base with natural, unpainted wood (alder). Metal plates are perfectly sound musical and perfectly painted. The set included two wooden sticks. All packed into an aesthetic packaging.


Smaller Xylophones

These are products smaller, marked with symbols: X10, X8, X8R, PX8, PX6. May serve both as an excellent musical toy and a small teaching aid. In addition to a wide range of products on a wooden frame, as the side production we made xylophones with a plastic frame with symbols: PX2, PX3, PX4.

Larger Xylophones

Xylophones larger is not just musical toys. There are also musical instruments and great teaching aid for students of the initial core classes. Xylophones are marked with symbols: X24 Alto, X13+3 AltoX8 AltoX15+4X12+3X27X15X12X-S. Wyroby: X13+3 AltoX8 AltoX15+4X12+3X-S have interchable sound bars. In addition to the tones full, have also halftones. The product: X27 is produced with two version, first with black and white sound bars and second with color sound bars. For X27 we also offer durable carrying case for easy wearing xylophones at school and after-school activities.


We also offer drums of different heights and diameters of 16 cm and 22 cm. The side parts are made of metal.

Wooden Frame Xylophones

Plastic Frame Xylophones



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Rybacka 26A 42-221 Częstochowa, Poland


0048 34 3620885

0048 34 3667030

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